Indian foamer Pyarelal Group plans to expand eastwards

Diversified Indian PU foam producer Pyarelal Group is contemplating an expansion into the eastern part of the country. It currently has plants in north, west and south India.

The company is already increasing its production year-on-year, driven by market demand. “Currently, we have ample capacity to meet our market commitments,” Goel said. “In the PU industry, material handling and further processing are critical in the whole supply chain.”

The company recently installed a Bäumer looper for continuous rolls at its Meerut plant. “We also keep adding material handling equipment in all three PU foam units,” he said. “We have also added extra streams for making speciality foams.”

The company’s three existing PU foam facilities are in Meerut, near New Delhi in the north, Palghat in the southern state of Kerala, and Mumbai in the west. The company currently has two continuous foam plants from Hennecke and a third from Cannon Viking, along with machines from Asian suppliers. Overall, these give a PU foam capacity of 2000 tons/month.

In addition, it has three batch foam machines for specialty foams. The company produces a wide range of these foams, including visco, HR and memory foams, and foams infused with charcoal and copper. It even recently developed a turmeric-infused foam to meet a customer request.

The group also has mattress production units at each of these locations, plus a fourth in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. These have a combined capacity of 5000 PU mattresses/day. About 70% of its foam is sold on the open market, with the remaining 30% used in-house.

The company is currently developing foam for the automotive and railway segments, in addition to its existing business in the furniture and mattress sector.

Source: Urethanes Technology