From Skyscrapers to Tiny Homes: Polyurethane Foam Shapes the Future of Sustainable Building


The first UTECH India Sustainable Polyurethane & Foam Expo roundtable in Mumbai highlighted the role that polyurethane and foam play in sustainable buildings.

This roundtable was the first step in the attempt to engage stakeholders from across India to discuss and devise solutions in the sustainable polyurethane & foam revolution in India.

The speakers included:

  • Mr. Vivek Mittal, Executive Director, Deloitte
  • Mr. James Snodgrass, Editor, Urethanes Technology
  • Mr. Aniruddha Nakhawa, National Hon. Gen. Treasurer-Elect, Builders' Association of India
  • Mr. Mahesh Bangad, Assistant Professor, Architects, Engineers, & Surveyors Association
  • Mr. Raman Iyer, V.P. – Projects, Runwal Developers Pvt. Ltd
  • Mr. Ravikumar Sharma, Sustainability Consultant, Conserve Consultant
  • Dr. Shraddha Jadhav, HOD, Department of Interior Spaces, Vishwakarma University, Pune
  • Er. Tukaram Devkar, Deputy General Manager, Lloyd Insulations
  • Mr. Vinod Purohit, Chief Operating Officer, Cannon Indikos Machineries LLP