Introducing the Sleep Expo India Pavilion
at UTECH India - Sustainable PU & Foam Expo 2024

Discover the Future of Sleep Technology and Innovation!

In conjunction with UTECH India - Sustainable PU & Foam Expo, we are excited to feature a dedicated section for the Sleep Expo India Pavilion. This pavilion will bring together the best of both worlds, showcasing the latest in sleep technology and innovations alongside sustainable polyurethane and foam solutions.

The Sleep Expo brand comes with 5 rich years of redefining the mattress manufacturing, bedding, and sleep industry in the Middle East and Africa. Its first European edition in April this year has also cemented its presence and value in the global mattress manufacturing industry.

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    How Sleep Expo India Pavilion Adds to the UTECH India Portfolio

    The Sleep Expo India Pavilion brings immense value to UTECH India by focusing on a specific aspect of flexible foam. The India Mattress Market size is estimated at USD 2.13 billion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 3.21 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 8.54% during the forecast period (2024-2029).

    The growth of the Indian mattress market is being driven by an increase in income levels, a rise in health consciousness, and expansion in the real estate and hospitality sectors. Today, consumers are increasingly interested in the comfort and function of mattresses which has resulted in a noticeable shift from their perspective.

    There is a growing demand for customized and luxury mattresses, prompting companies to explore new techniques to optimize their resources and technologies. Mattresses are no longer seen as just consumer goods; they are now seen as a reflection of one's quality of life. The increasing demand for construction in residential and commercial spaces in India is creating more business opportunities for mattress manufacturers.

    Exhibitor Profile

    • Mattress Machinery Manufacturers
    • Mattress Component Manufacturers
    • Yarn Manufacturers and Supplier
    • Spring Manufacturers and Suppliers
    • Thread Manufacturers and Suppliers

    Visitor Profile

    • Mattress Manufacturers
    • Foam Producers
    • Pillow Manufacturers
    • Duvet Manufacturers
    • Bed Retailers
    • Mattress Retailers